Michelle from Okinawa is on her way to Big Island Hawaii

Michelle is very well known in all of Japan for her spiritual counseling, intuitive, all clair ability medium / psychic readings.
She is on her way to Big Island Hawaii to do readings, (Feb. 14th – Mar. 20th, 2020).

Spiritual Power / Energy Spot Tours on the island, Spiritual healing and also star gazing tours. If you would like to know on Michelle or would like to schedule an appointment with Michelle, check our her website or call her directly.

michelle-okinawa.com (you can find her FB and Instagram on her site)

Japan : 090-3194-1438
StateSide : 01181-90-3194-1438
StateSide Direct : (in use Feb 14th to Mar 20th 2020) 808-741-0388