“Letting go”

I believe we connect with another soul when our souls both are in need of each other. In some cases there comes a time where we need to let each other’s soul go. That is the time for our souls to graduate from each other to jump to the next step or new chapter in life. We learn, and grow everyday. Sometimes being with that one soul we can’t learn or grow anymore but spirit wants us to so he takes action and separate us before we become too negative for each other. Spirit has a plan for all of us. Don’t be afraid to “let go.” We know it’s a very hard thing but letting go leads to new open doors, opportunities, chances, ideas, and spiritual growth.
Letting go may not mean forever, possibly a temporary break.
When our souls need each other’s again, this time in a different level, style, or type of relationship. I’m sure spirit will take action there too and bring us together again.
Never give up or drive your self too crazy from “letting go”
Always remember!! Spirit has a plan, go along with his flow and nothing will go wrong.