Michelle Profile

headshotMy name is Michelle.
I was born in the US and raised in Okinawa, Japan.
I am half Okinawan and half American.
I speak both English and Japanese.
I am an intuitive counselor,medium,clairvoyant with telepathic abilities.
I have developed the inner knowing of the spiritual world at a very young age but it was after my older brother’s passing John J. Flood Jr. when all my abilities became very strong and very clear.
I have been doing readings for over ten years now.
I have worked on cases and solving crimes , finding people, finding missing things and pets in Japan. I do readings of your past, present, future, health, career, business, marriage, friends and family, finance, lost loved ones, missing things, direction, guidance, I will bring out what’s inside, bothering you the most and help you take control of the situation.
My readings are accurate, as long as you are open and honest. I have many clients, repeaters and have done more than five thousand readings.

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